Eduardo Cardozo exposing in Miami

Miami – Coral Gables – December 1st and 2nd 2023

In the painting of Eduardo Cardozo, abstraction began to be an exercise in introspection as well as a research into the history of painting. Both of these aspects indicated a reconciliation with local tradition.

The palette lightens and the void becomes an enveloping silence which reveals to the forms their solitary grandeur and gives them a threatening thickness. The light blue so characteristic of his works is a declared allusion to a certain very frequent painting of the interiors of middle-class houses in Montevideo from the 50s and 60s, which despite wear retains a little of its marine dynamism until the last day, and which therefore acquires a surreptitious intention in Cardozo’s oil paintings.

The series in this exhibition plunges into a feeling of disarray, without moving away from immediate reality. If the abstraction of the figures is incontestable, the relationships that these forms establish between them belong to a real world, they reveal situations of precarious balance. The shapes are repeated seriously, laboriously; they float in a space where there are no clear contours or eternal truths.

Cardozo cultivates an anti-geometric and poetic uncertainty: showing the non-verbal sources of this uncertainty is his greatest desire: “In painting, I feel at ease. I don’t sketch. I resolve situations along the way, connecting shapes. But I feel that there is an enormous responsibility in actions: when you leave a trace, chance intervenes, but also your story.”

The shapes appear as if in a locked mechanism. They have a link between them which must be resolved, which never ends.

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